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Corporate advice and services

Where we advise trustees, we will also advise scheme sponsors in areas where we believe there is no conflict of interest, such as accounting for pension costs under FRS17, IAS19, FAS87 or other accounting standards.

We will also give independent advice to employers in high added value strategic areas such as:
• Negotiating funding requirements and associated matters with the Trustees
• Investment strategy (including de-risking over time) and risk management
• Fiduciary management (delegating investment decision-making to a third party)
• Liability management (typically industry jargon for transferring liabilities from the scheme to the members, or restructuring the benefits, for the potential benefit of both)
• Insurance solutions such as “buy-ins” or “buy-outs” including medically underwritten “enhanced” annuities
• PPF levy advice
• Full pension scheme reviews and re-design
• Planning and responding to new legislation
• Assistance with setting up new pension schemes, including Group Personal Pension and Stakeholder schemes